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Landing Page

For a One Page website (landing page) where the content is output on a single page. *¹

For more info please inquire via the contact form.

Standard Website

Für kleinere statische Webseiten mit bis zu 5 Seiten und wenigen Zusatzfunktionen. *¹

For more info please inquire via the contact form.

Premium Webseite

Für dynamische Webseiten mit bis zu 7 Seiten und zahlreichen Zusatzfunktionen. *¹ Premium SEO (Suchmaschinen Ranking) Optimierung inklusive.

For more info please inquire via the contact form.

Online Shop

Für dynamische Webseiten mit bis zu 6 Seiten und einem Shop. *¹

For more info please inquire via the contact form. 

1* Prices are dependent on the desired scope and the required functions. The prices given here refer to the described specifications, but are customizable if desired by the customer, which may change the price.
2* Because of the small business owner state according to § 19 UStG the seller charge no sales tax, and therefore do not show it.

Special needs?

Do you want to migrate your website, do you have special requests that are not listed above or do you still have questions?
Just tell us. We will be happy to advise you or make you an offer to your individual needs.
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Up to 30 days money-back guarantee when you are not happy with our service.*²
*1 = To make your website GDPR compliant, we use various plugins and optimize your site. However, e.g. through subsequent updates by the customer, integration, for example, new plugins, statistics tools, YouTube videos, Google fonts or a failure on your part to conclude valid order processing contracts (server etc.), GDPR conformity is not guaranteed. We (Sleek Line Design or Gehb Media Development) do not assume any legal responsibility.

*2 = If you use the money-back guarantee and request your money back, we will delete the page we created or remove the service we provided. Depending on the package chosen, the return period is 15 to 30 days after receipt of the payment.

No Money?

Do you or your association, NGO ... have a project that is worthy of funding or do you have a high number of social media followers, but no money for a website? We will maybe create your website for free. In return, you will help us by displaying our advertising on your website for a year.
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