For your money, you get a high-quality website and appropriate support. We will create a responsive web design for you, which will look good on all devices. Also, we take care of the SEO optimization (search engine optimization) of your new website. 

Do you already have an existing website and want to move it to another server? We help you relocate your WordPress website so that there is no risk of long downtimes.

1 month update service + support is included in all offers. If you want our update service or support in addition, this is also possible.

We create your website, online shop or landing page within a few weeks at an unbeatable fixed price.

Fast Loading Times

Our websites usually achieve a Google Pagespeed Score of over 90 (desktop and mobile), even on slower servers - depending on the range of functions. This value is of enormous importance for your Google ranking.


SEO optimization you’ll find in all our packages. The BASIC and STANDARD packages contain basic SEO improvement, and the PRO or PREMIUM packages include more comprehensive optimization.


We make your website fully responsive so that it looks good on desktop computers and mobile devices.


We optimize your site so that you don’t get any problems. All our packages contain an optimization and additional tools which (if used correctly) make your site GDPR-compliant.


Our prices are unbeatable, which does NOT affect service and quality. Because of time and process optimization, we can offer much better prices than comparable offers from other providers.


Do you want to make sure that future updates don’t destroy your site? Then you can optionally book our update service.


Do you want to move an existing page or set it up again and need help with it? We’re here to help.


Do you have any layout ideas for your website? We will be happy to implement your ideas. You also can give our creativity free space. We will create a website for you that your costumers love.


You can write to us at any time using the contact form or by email. We will try to answer your questions quickly. In addition, a special support page with a ticket system is currently under construction.


For better time management, everything is done digitally with us. It saves time but also costs, which is why we can offer you better prices. It also has the advantage that you can express your wishes quickly and at any time.

Special needs?

Do you want to migrate your website, do you have special requests that are not listed above or do you still have questions?
Just tell us. We will be happy to advise you or make you an offer to your individual needs.
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Up to 30 days money-back guarantee when you are not happy with our service.*²
*1 = To make your website GDPR compliant, we use various plugins and optimize your site. However, e.g. through subsequent updates by the customer, integration, for example, new plugins, statistics tools, YouTube videos, Google fonts or a failure on your part to conclude valid order processing contracts (server etc.), GDPR conformity is not guaranteed. We (Sleek Line Design or Gehb Media Development) do not assume any legal responsibility.

*2 = If you use the money-back guarantee and request your money back, we will delete the page we created or remove the service we provided. Depending on the package chosen, the return period is 15 to 30 days after receipt of the payment.

No Money?

Do you or your association, NGO ... have a project that is worthy of funding or do you have a high number of social media followers, but no money for a website? We will maybe create your website for free. In return, you will help us by displaying our advertising on your website for a year.
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