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We are at your side and create a website for you that meets your needs and helps you, achieve more costumers oWe are a young, creative web agency that specializes in creating and optimizing websites. We offer you the best possible service at unbeatable prices. Website creation, as well as building landing pages and online shops, are among our main tasks. We also attach great importance to SEO optimization (search engine optimization) and page speed optimization of websites, that they rank better at google and the conversion rate increases + generate sales.

An internet presence increases the visibility of your company or your project enormously. Your project also becomes more attractive to potential customers. You have certainly already made the experience that you have been looking for a specific service. Depending on the search results of the speed and the appearance of the website, you have surely made the decision which provider to trust. We ensure that the first impression of your website is not the last and that you can generate returning visitors and more customers.

Website Creation

Our web design agency is always careful to keep the time to completion low. The creation takes about 12 to 24 days, depending on the selected package, special options and submitted revisions. Your new website will then be visible to the world and should attract the first visitors after a short time. SEO optimization and speed optimization will improve your Google ranking, which can give you a decisive advantage over your competitors.

Whether blogger, freelancer, small business owner, medium-sized company or large company. To reach more people a well-implemented website is one of the most important parts. Our web design agency takes care of your website creation so that you can focus on your product/offer.

SEO Optimization

Don't worry about your page's ranking on Google. Our pages are delivered to you (from the standard package) with SEO optimization. We do keyword research and incorporate it into your texts, titles, sitemap and meta. We also optimize your images and products so that Google can find you more easily. SEO optimization is extremely important for finding your site on the web. Sit back and let our web design agency do the job. We have experience with website creation and SEO optimization, so why should you sacrifice your valuable time to take care of it or spend more money when you hire a pure SEO agency?

Pagespeed Optimization

What use is a nice website if it has long loading times, which leads to a high bounce rate of visitors? Page speed optimization is becoming more and more important. The speed of your website will have more influence on the Google ranking from 2021 onwards. If your website is too slow, then Google will also penalize you and your website will not be found more easily. Pagespeed optimization and SEO optimization are therefore extremely important in order to rank at the top of the search results. Our web design agency optimizes every website, but we offer premium optimization in the premium package to make your page load faster with a number of additional functions or animations. When creating a website, website speed is always one of our top priorities.

Creative Design

Depending on the package, there are hardly any limits to the design. Don't put your website visitors in front of an ugly website, which in the worst-case scenario is only optimized for computer screens. Let our web agency develop a creative design for your website, which will set your website apart from the competition. You can also tell us your wishes and we will try to implement everything accordingly. However, too many effects, animations, images and functions can have a negative impact on the speed of a website. That is why we will implement your website carefully so as not to cause long loading times.

Website Prices

Our website agency offers affordable prices. No matter if you are a small entrepreneur, blogger, founder or established company, our website prices are affordable for everyone. We are up to 10 times cheaper than comparable offers, especially when we offer a discount campaign. That's not all, as our service also includes SEO optimization, you save even more. Website prices and prices for SEO agencies are usually astronomical. We implement your website at a fair price and also optimize your site for search engines.
To calculate costs better, we also offer fixed prices for websites so that you have full control over your budget.

Special needs?

Do you want to migrate your website, do you have special requests that are not listed above or do you still have questions?
Just tell us. We will be happy to advise you or make you an offer to your individual needs.
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Up to 30 days money-back guarantee when you are not happy with our service.*²
*1 = To make your website GDPR compliant, we use various plugins and optimize your site. However, e.g. through subsequent updates by the customer, integration, for example, new plugins, statistics tools, YouTube videos, Google fonts or a failure on your part to conclude valid order processing contracts (server etc.), GDPR conformity is not guaranteed. We (Sleek Line Design or Gehb Media Development) do not assume any legal responsibility.

*2 = If you use the money-back guarantee and request your money back, we will delete the page we created or remove the service we provided. Depending on the package chosen, the return period is 15 to 30 days after receipt of the payment.

No Money?

Do you or your association, NGO ... have a project that is worthy of funding or do you have a high number of social media followers, but no money for a website? We will maybe create your website for free. In return, you will help us by displaying our advertising on your website for a year.
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